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Benevolent Irish Society fonds

  • CA PCNCU S1983001
  • collection
  • 1871-1880, 1982-1983

During the summers of 1982 and 1983, the Benevolent Irish Society secured funding to hire a group of students to conduct an oral history project and interview individuals of Irish descent from across Prince Edward Island. The fonds consists of th...

Benevolent Irish Society

Brooklyn Trio collection : [ca. 1945-1946, ca. 1950, ca. 1960-1970, ca. 1972]

  • CA PCNCU S2005003
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1945-1946, ca. 1950, ca. 1960-1970, ca. 1972]

The collection consists of one reel-to-reel tape and several other recordings of the Brooklyn Trio (ca. 1950, ca. 1972) copied onto compact disks from three reel-to-reel audio tapes, two 78 rpm vinyl records, and one eight-track tape. Most of the...

Brooklyn Trio

Dr. John Shaw collection

  • CA PCNCU S2002006
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1895, ca. 1965], 1987, 2002

The collection consists of material gathered by Dr. John Shaw during August and September of 1987. The project, entitled Gaelic in Prince Edward Island: A Cultural Remnant, was jointly sponsored by the Institute of Island Studies and the Celtic S...

Shaw, John

Festivals, ceilidhs, and house parties

  • CA PCNCU S1994001-Series2
  • Série organique
  • July - August 1992
  • Partie de Ken Perlman fonds

This series consists of 18 videocassettes filmed by Ken Perlman and his volunteer team during July and August 1992. The tapes include the 1992 Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival and Atlantic Fiddle Jamboree, as well as the house parties that followed each...

Field recordings and field notes

This series contains 33 reel-to-reel audio tapes and 3 videocassettes of interviews in Gaelic and English of twenty Islanders, including John MacLennan, the last fluent Gaelic speaker in PEI at that time. The interviews were conducted by Dr. Shaw ...


This series contains 61 videocassettes of taped interviews with fiddle players from across Prince Edward Island. The interviews, which were conducted by Ken Perlman and filmed by volunteers, were often held in the kitchen or living room of the in...

Ken Perlman fonds

  • CA PCNCU S1994001
  • collection
  • 1991-1992

The fonds consists of 79 videocassette tapes filmed by Ken Perlman and a group of volunteers. Most of the tapes were filmed during the summer of 1992; however, the fonds includes some tapes from 1991. The videocassettes have been divided into th...

Perlman, Ken

Local Histories : [ca. 1895, ca. 1965]

This series contains photocopies of two short local histories which Dr. Shaw appears to have collected while he was working on the Gaelic field recording project. These include a booklet celebrating the Strathalbyn Jubilee (ca. 1895) and a handw...


This series consists of the minutes of the Benevolent Irish Society for the period 1871 to 1880. During this period, meetings were held quarterly in the St. Andrew's Hall, St. Patrick's Hall, and St. Dunstan's Reading Room in Charl...

Oral history documentation and genealogies

This series consists of documentation for the interviews conducted for the Benevolent Irish Society's oral history project during the summers of 1982 and 1983. Files include informant consent forms, interview questions, and detailed intervie...

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