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A. Matheson and Company fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds71
  • collection
  • 1899-1902

This fonds consists of an accounting ledger for A. Matheson and Company of Grandview, Prince Edward Island. It spans the time period 1 July 1899 to 28 October 1902 and includes such information as date, name of customer, brief description of tran...

A. Matheson and Company

Julie Lannon Campbell fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds38
  • collection
  • [ca. 1921-1922]

This fonds consists of a page containing seven images from the photo album of the donor. Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 were taken at Montague School in 1921 and 1922 by then teacher Julie (Lannon) Campbell. Image #5 is of a picnic held at the ho...

Campbell, Julie Lannon

Montague Restaurant fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds62
  • collection
  • 1926

The fonds contains two postcards of the interior and exterior view of the Montague Restaurant taken in 1926.

Montague Restaurant

Montague Centennial Album fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds76
  • collection
  • 1967

This fonds consists of early Montague photographs which were collected by volunteers and Garden of the Gulf Museum staff, copied, and made into a book called the Montague Centennial Album for the Centennial Year. This project was mounted and plac...

Garden of the Gulf Museum, Montague, PEI

Michael McCarron fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds67
  • collection
  • 1903-1940

The fonds consists of three journals kept by Michael McCarron, blacksmith, recording the purchases of goods and services as well as payments made on account by his clients.

McCarron, Michael

Augustine Macdonald fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds68
  • collection
  • 1873-1925

This fonds consists of a diary/account book of Austin Macdonald spanning the years 1873 to 1916. The first pages of the volume contain an account of stock taken for MacDonald Bros. & Co. in April 1873. The remaining pages are a diary recorde...

Macdonald, Augustine Colin (Austin)

Memories of Montague 1915-1925 fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds74
  • collection
  • 1986

The fonds contains records of the Memories of Montague 1915-1925 project. In March 1986, a project was begun by the Garden of the Gulf Museum, financially assisted by the Department of Employment and Immigration, to mount an exhibit and plan acti...

Garden of the Gulf Museum, Montague, PEI

Shipping Exhibit 1987 fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds75
  • collection
  • 1987

In 1987, the Garden of the Gulf Museum mounted a major exhibit of ships and shipbuilding in the Southern Kings area of Prince Edward Island. The production of wooden sailing ships was traced from the early 1800's to the collapse of the indus...

Garden of the Gulf Museum, Montague, PEI

"Monnequash" fonds

  • CA PCNMPGG Fonds13
  • collection
  • 1864-1866

This fonds consists of a log book, measuring .015 m., which documents the voyages of the "Monnequash" between 19 April 1864 and 12 May 1866. The book was kept by Jack Robertson between 19 April 1864 and 22 August 1865. It was then kep...

Monnequash (Ship)