collection Acc3456 - Pownal United Church fonds : [1848-1972]

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Pownal United Church fonds : [1848-1972]

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CA PCA Acc3456

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  • Microfilmed 1983, 1988 (Production)

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3 reels of 35 mm microfilm

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Pownal United Church

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The United Church in Pownal, Prince Edward Island has roots in both the Bible Christian and Methodist faiths. There was a Bible Christian Church congregation in Pownal as early as 1848. The Methodist Church in Pownal operated as part of the Charlottetown circuit in its earliest days, forming a separate circuit sometime between 1846 and 1855. Existing Methodist records date back to 1857 and a new church opened on Christmas Day 1870. In 1884 when the amalgamation of the various branches of the Methodist Church and the Bible Christian Church to form the Methodist Church in Canada became official, Cherry Valley joined the Pownal circuit. In 1925 the Pownal Methodist Church became part of the new United Church of Canada. Through the years the Pownal circuit also included Alexandra, Clifton, Mt. Herbert, Albion, Alberry Plains, Millview, Southport, Mermaid and Hazelbrook. In 1962 Mt. Herbert and Clifton became part of the congregation of Trinity United Church in Charlottetown and in 1968 Pownal joined with the congregations of Orwell, Orwell Head, Cherry Valley, Millview and Vernon River to form St. Andrew's United Church in Vernon River.

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Orwell Head United Church

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The Orwell Head Church of Scotland was built in 1829 by Rev. Donald MacDonald. It was replaced in 1864 by a new and larger structure. On 7 July 1887, the congregation was received into the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Within a year the Orwell section of the Belfast congregation united with Orwell Head to form one parish. Parishioners came from the communities of Orwell, Dundee, Uigg, Cherry Valley, Valleyfield, Pownal, Lyndale, Earnscliffe, Vernon River, Fairfield, Kinross, etc. In 1925 the Orwell Head parish became part of the United Church of Canada. Orwell Head remined a separate circuit until 1968 when it joined with Orwell, Vernon River, Cherry Valley, Millview and Pownal to become part of the Vernon River United pastoral charge.

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Vernon River United Church

Notice biographique

The United Church in Vernon River had its beginnings in the Bible Christian and Methodist religions. The Bible Christian Church, established in Vernon River as early as 1839 and whose circuit included the Pownal area, joined with the Methodist Church sometime between 1865 and 1870. A church was built in 1872 which served the surrounding areas including Cherry Valley, Allberry Plains, Vernon River, Orwell, Eldon, etc. With Church Union in 1925 the Methodist Church in Vernon River became part of the United Church in Canada. In 1968 the congregations of Pownal, Millview, and Orwell Head, joined with the Vernon River circuit consisting of Orwell, Vernon River and Cherry Valley to form Vernon River United Church pastoral charge. A central church, St. Andrew's was built in Vernon River.

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The fonds contains records of the successive Bible Christian, Methodist and United congregations of Pownal. It also contains some records from the Orwell Head and Vernon River Methodist/United charges. These includes baptisms, marriages and deaths, official minutes, membership rolls, and minutes of church women's groups. These form the following series:

Series 1: Pownal Methodist/United Church records
Series 2: Orwell Head Presbyterian/United Church records
Series 3: Vernon River United Church records

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The microfilm does not mirror the intellectual arrangement of this description. Volumes were not filmed in their entirety but records of a specific nature, e.g. baptisms, were often filmed in sequence from several volumes

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All of the records in the fonds with the exception of the History of the Pownal Church duplicate records in Acc4414: Vernon River United Church pastoral charge fonds. The latter accession was arranged prior to microfilming and consequently is much easier to use

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Microfilm is located in the microfilm cabinets in the Reading Room. To locate a specific volume of interest, please consult the volume and microfilm listings

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