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Archives Council of Prince Edward Island

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About Us

The Archives Council of Prince Edward Island was formed in January 1987. Its first Executive consisted of Marilyn Bell, President, Irene Rogers as Vice-President and Nicolas de Jong, Secretary-Treasurer. The objectives of the Archives Council of Prince Edward Island are:

  • to provide a network for archival cooperation throughout the province
  • to acquire funds, whether through gift or otherwise, to assist the Corporation with its objects and purposes
  • to provide, develop, coordinate and implement projects of mutual interest
  • to represent the archival community of the province in a national network
  • to promote the archival preservation and conservation of Prince Edward Island's historical 
    documentary sources and, as required, to make representations to government and other agencies to promote such preservation
  • to encourage the establishment of archives by record creating bodies and to prevail upon these bodies to open the historical records to public research
  • to assess and report on the needs of the provincial archival community to provincial, federal and private funding and policy making agencies, and to make representation to these agencies for funding to fulfill these needs
  • to establish and promote adequate standards, procedures and practices among archival repositories in the province
  • to promote public understanding and use of both archives and the historical resources of the province




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