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Archives Council of Prince Edward Island

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The Archives Council of Prince Edward Island meets twice annually, usually in April and November, to discuss archival matters in the province. Members also receive updated information on national archival activities of the National Archives of Canada, the Canadian Council of Archives, and the Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island.

Archives Council of Prince Edward Island members are eligible to apply for Canadian Council of Archives funding programs such as the National Archival Development Program (NADP) and Young Canada Works.  For more on available funding programs, please check the CCA website.

Since 1993, the Archives Council of Prince Edward Island has employed the services of a Conservation Technician.  This role is now carried out by the Archives and Preservation Advisor (funded through the NADP) whose services and expertise are available to all members of the Archives Council.  Conservation services include: dry method surface cleaning; humidification and pressing of rolled, folded or distorted objects; mending and infilling of tears and losses; and encapsulation of archival documents.  The Archives and Preservation Advisor also provides advice on proper storage methods and conditions, arrangement and description of archival materials, policy planning, facilities and collections assessment, and training in a range of archival pratices.  The Archives and Preservation Advisor also maintains a resource library of publications and guides available to members.  For more information about the services offered by the Archives and Preservation Advisor, please consult the following pamphlet.  

The Archives Council of Prince Edward Island, along with the Council of Nova Scotia Archives and the New Brunswick Council of Archives, have organized Joint Councils meetings.  Members will be alerted when such meetings are taking place.





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